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Cognitive Dissonance: Human Race and Sexuality

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Listening to coverage of the latest news events, I must wonder to myself about the future of our race as human beings. The issue begins when simple gestures, of a suggestive nature, start to be seen as evil deeds. We are all animals when it comes down to it. We have primal urges to seek out mates, and procreate and continue the survival of our species. As a human being, the meaning of our life is to really survive and prosper and procreate. Like any other animal, survival and evolution is the ultimate end game. But in the ultimate end game, animal life, including our own life as humans, is a tiny speck. So our lives are really meaningless in the long run.

That being said, it is still a challenge and goal for us, as humans, to try to figure out ways to carry on and survive. The odd part, is that the liberal way of thinking seems to be going against survival of the human race. Feminist agenda's, encouraging kids to choose a gay or trans lifestyle, and even the new trend of self-identifying with various sexual orientations. While sure, I believe that everyone should be able to express themselves in whatever way they feel like. But at the same time, there shouldn't be education or propaganda to promote an alternative lifestyle. Perhaps Russia was right to make gay propaganda illegal? To preserve the human race, and the species, we should push for education of how evolution works, and how we need to reproduce in order to strengthen and continue our species.

Of course, one could suggest that perhaps we are stronger as a species if those people who want to consider themselves to be 'sexually alternative' refuse to reproduce? In which case, they are no longer in the species human gene-pool. But somehow, it is the political Right who are the enemy of the human race? I don't quite get how. Historically, the political Left push for abortion, same sex marriages (of which I personally have no problem with), no borders, no nations, and no cultural protections. They've also historically been the ones to promote slavery, and racism. Psychologically, it is more often the case that the person accusing someone of a racist act, is in fact the one who is looking at things from a racial perspective, and therefore, is more racist.

When it comes down to it, we are all animals. An animals purpose is to survive and reproduce. Anything outside of that is in effect meaningless. Human beings will eventually wither away, and chances are no other species will ever develop here on Earth, to the extent of digging up our remains and analyzing how we acted as a species. But even if they do, they won't be able to recover much information from the technology era, as most of our intellectual property is stored in a manner which won't be recoverable in a hundred thousand years.

So seeing as we are all animals, and therefore we will naturally have sexual urges. Why deny the fact that we are animals? Must we really act in a manner which treats sexuality in a way that it is forbidden. Whether it be the puritan movement in the United States, or the Islamic movement, of covering their females up to prevent men from raping the females... It all comes down to the same thing. A lack of understanding, and a lack of maturity when it comes to sexual topics. Europe was for a long time very progressive in this manner. Nude beaches, unisex bathrooms... Now... Women are being told they need to cover up, or risk being raped by Muslim refugees. Because apparently it is the females fault if the men rape them. We are actually sinking backwards in maturity.

No... There is a middle ground here folks. I believe that any mature, civil person can regulate their urges. If sex and the human body is openly discussed, and openly displayed without making it a sex symbol, I believe that this will in turn make nudity and sex normal, and not something to be sought behind the scenes in dark alleys without consent. Consent is the big word tho. Teaching people about consent and enforcing that consent is important. There should be nothing wrong with being nude in front of anyone. You shouldn't need consent to be naked, especially in a private situation. Someone who is uncomfortable with that, can always just stand up and walk out. Sexual touching and such is another story. As is using sex as a bartering chip, to suggest that if sexual favors aren't granted, a job or other favor won't be granted in return.

I do believe that our culture has both encouraged the over sexualization of teenagers, meanwhile at the same time continuing to increase the age of consent. Even as early as 1920, the age of consent in many states was still 13. In some cases even as low as 10, or even 7 as sick as that seems. Some places in North America still maintain a 13 year old age of consent. However in most cases, it has been raised to 18, or even higher. This issue is a very complex issue, and the existence of the internet complicates it further. But, physically, and looking at it from a humanist sense, I would suggest that the age of consent (in an ideal world) should probably be around 13. But in the modern world, where sexual predators exist, and young minds aren't prepared for the cruel world, perhaps they do have to be protected.

My idea of a solution to the above issue, is likely to make the internet illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to use. Treat this addictive source of information and entertainment like the drug that it is, and regulate it based on age. But that is a whole other discussion... Anyhow, I hope this post inspired some thought.

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