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Ah the smell of cinnamon and pine. Traditional smell of Christmas. I must say thanks in part to this post, and my parents, I now have a Christmas Tree and decorations! We purchased a pine and cinnamon scented decoration which fills the house with Christmas smells. I am totally trying to get into the spirit. Yesterday when it was all snowy outside, I was out helping neighbors get their cars unstuck, and generally enjoying being out in the winter wonderland. I don't think my wife is quite as into it as I am, but hopefully that will change :P. I do not know why many people hate the snow. I think it is extremely entertaining to watch people struggle in vain to drive in their shitty cars. I myself have a nice jeep, and can plow through quite a bit of snow. Yesterday I shifted it into 4Lo and was able to drive without any issues through roads where other 4x4's were getting stuck. While okay, maybe its a little evil to laugh at people getting stuck. But if I see someone who really needs help, I will chuckle for a bit and then go and help them. I am also happy because thanks to a cop I met while I was helping out at an accident, I have applied to become a firefighter. The officer told me that the town I applied in was looking for help, and encouraged me to apply. I am happy that I will be able to help people better now, especially since I will get more advanced training, then I already have. So now what to spend Christmas money on? Lights for the Jeep, or an upgraded computer? Tough choice, for me anyway.

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