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I have been conflicted for over a year now in my opinions of UN's Agenda 21. Agenda 21, is the United Nations agenda to promote self sustainability and in essence create a more balanced ecosystem in regards to how humans fit in. To do this, the agenda hints at mass sterilization and population control in areas where the land is unable to sustain larger populations. The agenda also hints at population control even in productive fertile areas, and the 'culling of the useless eaters'.

At first I was quite angry about this. Who gave the UN the right to play god? But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that perhaps this was needed. But I also didn't think that the UN had any right to pull it off.

My thoughts centered on a society where we reward the low income and unemployable population with welfare, and bonus checks for having more babies. As bad as that sounds, it is none the less true at its core. This is the segment of the population which is seeing the highest population growth.

On the other end of the scale, educated people who are earning a decent wage, are more and more often deciding not to have children. The thought process is often centered around the extreme cost of raising children and the ever present threat of being subject to Child Protective Services if you need to discipline your child. Educated people, generally aren't ones to break rules and in today's society, most parents become caught between a rock and a hard place at least once in their life in regards to how to handle their child.

A co worker of mine for example, tells a story of him trying to get his teenage daughter to wake up and go to school. He called the School because she refused to wake up. The School tells him to do whatever he needed to to get her up and get her into School. He ended up having to drag her from bed and scolded her, telling her to get to school. When she got to school she reported him for dragging her out of bed and CPS was called on him. He was eventually found to be innocent of any wrong doing, but the bullshit he had to go thru for this single incident was insane. And this was just one incident out of many.

Children today know they can hold the CPS threat over their parents and often use it to get what they want. Teenagers have always revolted against their parents. I know I did! I also know that I too threatened to call CPS, but never did. Problem is, this seems to be a growing problem.

Low income households are generally prime targets for CPS, but often they are just given a slap on the wrist. They can't afford legal action or extensive court cases, so it is often shrugged off. It seems that CPS focuses more on enforcing child abuse cases against educated middle class members of the population.

As much as I would love to bring a child into the world and help them grow and develop in my image, I also am worried about the bullshit that comes along with it. I don't know how the child will turn out. Chances are, seeing as parents are unable to spank their children anymore, my child would turn into a spoiled brat and end up hating me, and sucking all my money away. Only to face a world filled with other spoiled brats his age, who will all be competing for their place in the world with a huge number of poorly educated, poorly raised, and abused children of the lower income crowd. Maybe that is selfish of me, or wrong of me to think that way, but I am not alone in thinking this way. I know many other people in my age group who are abstaining from having children because they do not like what they see going on in this world.

That being said, I do think there needs to be some sort of limit or sterilization or lack of incentive for lower income people to have children. Lack of incentive is likely the easiest. If you take away a parents bonuses for having more children, then maybe they will think about popping another kid out. Sure it will create malnutrition for the children that do pop out, but that is life. In every species of animal, there are winners and losers.

I am a believer of Darwinism. Let those who fail to survive on their own, perish. Let us not feel sorry for them. They were weak, and could not survive. The long term survival of our species depends on a balanced ecosystem, and on the natural order of things. By providing welfare and aid to people who otherwise can't afford to live, we upset the natural order. This I believe, is worse then playing god by mass sterilizing whole populations of females. Because this unbalances the whole species gene pool, and its health and strength over time.

I do not officially believe in a God, even tho I was raised Roman Catholic. I believe in nature and the ultimate balancing act. I believe that everything in nature, including the universe, right down to the smallest atom is part of a huge equation which is constantly trying to balance itself out. If we, as humans go to far as to unbalance our species, nature will ensure it gets balanced for us.

Forest Fires, Climate Change, Viruses, Comets, all of these are natures way of resetting life and putting things back in balance. Where there is abundance, those that feed on that abundance will soon arrive to clean it up. This is true in many forms of nature. Nature works often in cycles. Species A will have a good year, and feed Species B, which will be well fed to survive the winter. Species B will have a good year the following year, which will benefit Species C... So on and so forth.

When humans play god, either by providing support and welfare for the weak, or by forcibly culling the weak, we are interfering with natures methods and our own future as a species.

So in conclusion, I think I have decided that Agenda 21 is just as bad as Welfare. Having the two programs active simultaneously will wreak havoc on the future of the human race beyond any reasonable repair. I believe that it has already caused degradation of our gene pool. Personally, let Darwinism prevail. If you can't take care of a kid, too bad. If you can't take care of yourself, too bad. None of us were born with rights to live.

As bad as that sounds, it is true. 100% survival is unheard of in any species. Even now with our advanced medical knowledge, new babies die every day. That is life. Fuck being PC, Fuck having to cater to everyone's 'rights'. That is pure bullshit. If you want to live, go and earn it. Stop begging.

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