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We have been re-thinking the purpose of the rooms in the house. With Sable living here now, we have discussed various ideas regarding the use of space in the house. Sable often says my house is too large, and ... I agree, it is large. Maybe not too large, but it is a fun size, which gives a lot of options for various things to do with rooms. We won't run out of things to do, that is for sure!

One of the considerations is that we now need a woodworking room. One of our projects, is to begin producing wood items, similar to paddles, and decorative items, that we can sell.

Lofty Lair

The idea of the Lofty Lair, was a project which was designed to allow for a adult play space, in the loft above my garage. The Lofty Lair was also to include my Scajaquada Northern Railway, Model Railway. In this essence, it would be a multi use 'hobby' room, for me.

Now, since both Sable and I are in a D/s relationship, the whole house is a potential playroom. Most of our stuff is located either in the bedroom, or the living room. So the idea of a separate room, specifically designed for play, isn't really a great use of space.

Also, the idea of a model railroad out in the Garage was always iffy for me. In a way, it is a great place to get away from the house, and spend some man time alone. So the garage is a good place in that aspect. But it is a bad place when it comes down to actually inspiring me to go out and work on it. Because, especially in the winter time, why do I really want to dress up to go out into the cold, and up into the loft? I likely would spend more time on such a project if I was able to work on it right in the house.

We discussed the idea of using the Sunroom for a Woodworking shop, but really the Garage Loft would work best for that. Historically, the Garage Loft was used for a woodworking shop to begin with! So it only makes sense for that space to be used as a woodworking shop again.

Therefore, The Lofty Lair project is essentially no longer a thing. The Loft will now be used as a Woodworking Space. The Basement will be where the Model Railroad will be located. The space allotted down in the basement, is enough room for my plan. So, it should be able to be incorporated into the basement. This isn't the first time I had planned on building the model railroad in the basement. However last time I had planned on doing that, I changed my mind due to an issue regarding the plumbing down there. But the issue hasn't cropped up again, so I don't think it would be a terrible idea to build that down there.

The Loft will likely include a wall mounted TV, and speakers for entertainment while woodworking is being done.


The Sunroom will be used as a green room where we can grow fresh herbs. We also plan on installing a hot tub in the Sunroom at some point. Some of the Electrical work still needs to be fixed up in there, but for now, it is low on our priority list.


Progress is being made Upstairs. The small room is being finished and painted currently. It will eventually be a small room for Sable's personal items. A Sabie room, in essence. Sable's bedroom will also be cleaned up (plaster wise) and painted once the small room is completed.

The Hallway is going to be patched up. A Camera and Smoke Detector is being installed in the hallway near the stairs. It will then receive a fresh coat of paint.

The Bathroom needs a full makeover, but we have no plans as of yet as to what needs to be done in there.

My bedroom needs one more electrical outlet finished up. I also plan on installing an elevated outlet, and network jack on the wall, in case I wanted to install a proper wall mounted TV in there. Currently tho, that is not high on the priority list.


The Basement is being set up for model train use. The Sump/Filter area for the Aquarium is going to be sectioned off. A sink will be included in that area for easier work on the Aquarium, without needing to go thru the main part of the basement. Storage will be included under the Model Railroad layout.

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