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Today's drive was nice and relaxing. I originally set out to find a Country Store, East of Sommerset, called Spencer's Country Store on NY-18. There isn't much in the way of internet connectivity up along NY-18, so I was mostly just looking for it from memory. But after looking at Google Maps, I now see why I didn't see it. I was super distracted by the huge cattle farm across the street.

Google Maps View

So since I wasn't finding it, I ended up stopping at Lakeside Beach State Park to check it out. I paid the $6 and toured the camping area. I found several sites which might be suitable for my camping style, and noted them in a little document for later planning. :) I do like Cranberry Lake, in the Adirondaks, but sometimes, it is nice to stay a little closer to town.

I headed along NY-18, and then down NY-19 thru Brockport. Sometimes I would mark my journey with a little calling card at some locations. I then headed down thry LeRoy and then thru Stafford, NY. Now, I know there is some following on this blog from the Stafford area, and so I did leave a few calling cards around there. It would be fun if anyone who was familiar with the blog, ended up finding one.

I headed home along NY-63 and NY-77, then cutting back down to NY-93 closer to Lockport.

Much of the area I drove thru was Amish country, or Trump country which seems to almost be one in the same in these parts. I do support Trump. He is more honest than any of the lifelong politicians I have seen in my 4 decades on this planet. And that made me ponder the American Culture. See, in the grand scheme of things American culture is very young. On the global scale, it is only about 100 years old. American culture bloomed in the 1920'tys and up thru the 1950'tys during which time a lot of what defined 'being American' was first being displayed and spread globally through the magic of the silver screen and Hollywood.

Culture is important. Culture inspires generations. Culture shapes a nation, and Culture builds foundations for the future of that nation's national identity.

Sadly, the stories of 1984 and Atlas Shrugged seem to ring more true now than ever. American Culture is being replaced by a socialist, global government focused cultural change headed by Political Correctness and China. But at the same time Islam is also attacking our culture - trying to get a religious foothold and acceptance here. Again, I mention the 2013 NDAA which included provisions to repeal parts of the Smith Mundt Act related to making it illegal to use propaganda by American Based news outlets, against the American People on American Soil. It is now, and has been for the past 8 years, been LEGAL for private and state sponsored media and PR firms to use propaganda against the citizens of this country.

And that is what is going to kill the American culture. Chinas influence. Propaganda from within. And, the fact that Hollywood is being bought out by China (notice a lot of the remakes of films lately, which have been filmed in Chinese studios - often cut out religion references or references which will make China look bad). Plus the fact that Hollywood's integrity has been completely shot to bits, by the Internet, and the creativity of people posting videos for FREE on services like Youtube. This has completely changed the media as we know it. And now we have to worry about the censorship and bias of Big Tech companies like YouTube as well, which are global companies. So how to form or re-enforce a uniquely American culture under the watchful globalist eyes of all these factors? It is tough. But there are many true Americans out there still trying. And Bravo to them!

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