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Lately I have been seeing more and more bullshit on the news and in person lately. Obvious police corruption, obvious fictional news, and obvious fake wars. Not to mention obvious liars who are currently lying their way through a hearing. Around the world, the population is beginning to wake up to the corruption of the banks and politicians.

People want change, everywhere. The North American governments know this, and they are doing everything in their power to stop it before it begins. Invoking acts which strip the rights of its citizens, the USA can basically send troops to your house now to arrest you indefinitely for basically being a grumpy. In fact, the writing of this post alone would be enough cause for the US Military to come and arrest me, under claims that I am sympathizing with terrorists.

Truth is, no... I do not sympathize with any faction which focuses on killing people who do not agree with them. Nor do I sympathize with any faction which focuses on jailing people who do not agree with them. I do not plan to cause any harm, at anytime to anyone, unless it is in immediate self defense.

But alas, the writing is on the wall. With the government monitoring google account searches and emails, Facebook, twitter, and your smart phone we seem to be at a disadvantage. Free speech is no longer free, we will all pay for it eventually. This is why I have seriously thought about setting up a totally secured social networking and email website. Invite only, completely locked down.

But that is not all. HAM Radio is becoming more and more attractive as a form of communication. The use of digital modes on HAM is a very useful work around for using corporate controlled cellular networks for data transmission. Mind you, you likely wont find the speed of 4G, but it will be a little more secured.

Carrier IQ, a popular smart phone app for 'detecting spyware' is apparently itself spyware, used by the FBI to gather information from peoples phones. And why not? What would be the best way to scare paranoid people into uploading all their information to you? Tell them that the app removes spyware! I would bet that the Carrier IQ company is actually a front for an FBI / DHS operation.

We all know about the long standing ties with Facebook and the FBI / CIA. And Google... well, Hilary Clinton has admitted to "co-conspiring" with Googles top executives. Clinton is head of the techno savvy counter terrorism experts for Washington. In charge of using the internet and social media to both gather information about people for counter-terrorism efforts, and to spread Pro-USA propaganda through social networking sites using undercover user accounts which are actually run by the Government.

What about the drones? The USA (and Canada) is looking into deploying more drones along its home soil. One drone was already used to hunt down 3 men on a ranch who were wanted for possibly stealing 6 cows. The sheriffs dept called in SWAT teams, and an armed predator drone in order to hunt the 3 armed men down. For possibly stealing cows! They didn't even know for sure if they were the men who stole the cows! As far as I know, the men were not shot, but still... Soon instead of having trials (well, we already have lost that 'right') we can expect to just be droned to death.

Things are getting crazy quickly, it seems like every few days there is a new thing which pops up, and makes you go WTF? I don't know how many of my readers have been following my fictional story of Roady the wolf, but I haven't really been able to focus on working on it lately because this bullshit has been on my mind worrying me. People should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of its people. Well the government is afraid of its people, so they are turning into big bullies themselves so that they can intimidate the people into being afraid of them.

Is it crazy for me to worry about this? Maybe... I am surrounded at work by paranoid people, and I guess I kinda suck it up like a sponge. But really, I think that as an educated person, I see stuff happening that the general public kind of glazes over, and in most cases, doesn't even notice.

Wake up people... Our national news services... ALL of them, are controlled by the big banks, and by the government, in that order. Even NPR! News is often fabricated or spun specific ways in order to play towards political agendas. Sometimes news which should be reported is not even reported at all.

Anyhow, I appreciate comments and if anyone wants to help with some sort of website project, please let me know. :)

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