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I am planning on taking a canadian road trip as soon as I can save up the money to do so. This post will outline some of my desired destinations. First thing I will want to do is drive to Toronto. Hopfully meet up with Avatar-X at his apartment to shoot the shit, then drive up Yonge Street all the way to Newmarket. I will stop and see my mother and father and likely spend the night in that area. I would like to visit my sister in Gravenhurst, and then I would like to drive up to Sudbury along Hwy 400 / 69 and then across to North Bay. Then maybe down to Huntsville and stay the night in Huntsville. Then drive through Algonquin the next morning, stopping in Whitney for lunch. A drive into Ottawa from Whittney would be nice, as I haven't been to Ottawa in years. Might even stop at the Diefenbunker on the way there. Hop on the 416 to the 401, stopping in Kingston, and then Belleville where hopfully I will spend the night ;) The next morning I head back to Buffalo, NY. Along the way I hope to sample many Canadian things. Pizza Nova, Harveys (Burger Joint), and Poutine just to name a few. Sounds like a fun trip :) Along the way I hope to meet up with all my friends from Ontario.

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