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I was discussing some of my old websites with a friend, and came up in conversation. was a website originally set up to talk about the shenanigans of a self proclaimed ghost hunting expert. The website was satirical and was heavily based on the subjects own words and we would critique, offer advice, and discuss the motives of said person. Eventually the website incorporated other people in its scope and quickly received many legal threats and attention.

The topic of Bullying came up as I was reading some of the comments and posts on a related website, and I found myself becoming very upset. Bullying is a big problem these days, and everyone seems surprised. In part the internet has made bullying a lot easier, by allowing people to post videos or statements about other people online for the world to see. In some ways, would of been considered a bullying website, had it still been around when the bullying meme really took off. One of the reasons I took it down was because I saw the forest through the trees and saw this Bullying meme beginning to gain more attention.

This actually related directly to my checks and balances post. This is purely a symptom of children not being disciplined as they grow up. There will always be bullies, nature assures this. Bullies allow the weaker children to toughen up. But the less children who are disciplined as they grow up, the more of them will turn out to be bullies because they can get away with it. They become used to getting what they want without punishment. So again, this is just natures way of adjusting to the problem of less discipline. In theory such abuse would create an abusive generation the next time around, which would be extra hard on their children, if you don't factor in the legal and cultural aspects.

However if cultural influences do not change, then there will an epidemic of bullies and youth violence which will be dealt with the only way this society knows how - to medicate and remove freedoms. The kids who survive that, will end up likely being even worse parents, and producing even worse offspring. It is simply a downward spiral. Now, I do not by any means suggest that bodily harm causing scars or bruises is acceptable. No no no... There are situations where a parent can go too far in dealing with their children. In most cases you will find that abuse cases are influenced by alcohol or drugs. Hey WHO, I have a better idea of how to distribute your sterilization seriums as opposed to using vaccines. Make drugs and 'cheap' alcohol sterilization agents, causing the users to go sterile. That would be a step in the right direction at least! And surely I know that some branch of the government could likely find a way to make illegal drugs cause sterilization.

But really, the Bullying meme is quite pathetic. Too many people are hiding behind it as a flimsy shield in order to protect their interests or justify their right to this or that. I mean sure, the YouTube video of a bus attendant who was abused by children was sad. But instead of calling the kids Bullies, and then getting the community to pitch in to award the victim of the abuse with some random money... What ever happened to the following: First, you confiscate the childrens phones or video recording devices. Secondly, you part down a dead end street, and take the offenders outside to flog them with tree limbs until they are crying. They when they are dropped off at home, wait for their parents or guardian and tell them that they have misbehaved. This seemed to work well for many years prior to this anti-child abuse movement. Were kids ever THAT disrespectful of their elders even 30 years ago?

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