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Bridges. They carry us across divides. They make it easier to travel. And once they are there, life seems so much more difficult without them.

Recently I was in Conneaut, Ohio and stumbled upon a covered bridge not too far off the Interstate. Middle Road Covered Bridge is a wonderful little bridge.

My next visit to the Conneaut area, I made sure to work a little tour of the bridges in, with my friend.


With only about 700 such covered bridges left in North America, It is kind of special to come across them. This first one is the Middle Road bridge.


This is the State Road bridge. It is a large bridge, which can accommodate large trucks. This picture of my friend shows it's size well.


State Road bridge is quite large. It is impressive for it's size, and its ability to handle larger vehicles.


The next bridge we visited was the Root Road bridge, which led into a heavily Amish area. It was the smallest of the bridges we visited that day.


Finally we winded our way into PA, and passed the Harrington Covered bridge (aka Sherman Covered Bridge?) on Bamey Road. If anyone knows the real name, please let me know.

From there we headed to a little known beach park called Racoon Park on the shore of Lake Erie. A great place to spend a HOT summer day.

My friend Mike mentioned that this little adventure was similar to the story Bridges of Maddison County. Even my friends pose by the State Road bridge...


Funnily enough neither myself nor my friend had known much about that story until having visited the bridges for the first time, and hearing the comparison to our adventure by Mike, to the story. But as it turns out, the story has many parallels to our own relationship. I just hope the outcome is different than the movie.

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