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Body Scanners, and Terrorists.

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After watching reports about these airport body scanners, I am left very angry at the TSA. I find it unconstitutional to submit 'random' people through these scanners forcibly for no apparent reason. I am all for profiling and using them on people you may suspect on being terrorists... Okay. But I think that they should only be used as a last resort before a strip search. Infact these scanners apparently use the same low level radiation that dental x-ray machines use, so why are they deemed not harmful? Especially considering that dentists, must hide behind shielded walls when using their machines, and patients must wear a lead apron. Sure there is 'no study out there to prove that these machines are harmful', but there is no study out there to prove their safe either.

I must agree with Ben Franklin, when he stated that [Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.] Yes I agree, there are likely terrorists here in this country. And perhaps they are planning to do bad things. But I would rather be afraid about terrorists, then afraid of my own government. Right now it seems like the terrorists have won. They have terrorized us to the point where we are no longer free. I say, if they want to ruin us, let them try... Don't let the government do the job for them, and turn this country into a police state without any freedoms.

Since 9/11, I do not think (correct me if I am wrong), there has been any successful terrorist attacks on mainland USA soil. The few attempts that happened in the last 10 years were all very minor, and were detected and stopped, before anything bad happened. Not to mention that all of the flight related incidents which did happen, were on international flights, coming into the USA... Not originating in the USA. Meanwhile, you can look at the 90's, with terrorist attacks happening every few years. Denver, Oklahoma City, WTC Garage... All fairly high profile attacks. But people got on with their lives, and we picked up the pieces, and no one over reacted and freaked out.

I think we have to take a step back and think about how far we want to let this go. If we let this go too far, the USA will become a full fledged police state - more so then it is already. And there is not anything you will be able to do about it, because as a citizen, your rights will have been stripped down so much that you won't be able to do anything about it.

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