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Birthday Update

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My birthday is fast approaching, and I just wanted to take the time to go over some of the things I have been up to lately. For one, my best friend here in Buffalo lost his house last month, so it has been tough for him to try to cope. Damn foreclosures... So I have tried to be there for him and keep him company. On that note, he got me into a pharmacy delivery job, where we work as a driver under a contract to deliver medications to nursing homes and such. I rode along with my friend on several runs, even heading down to the Southern Tier and the Pennsylvania border. It was alright work, however there is a catch. For one, it only pays .39 cents a mile, and about 1.50 or so per stop. Usually you get about 10 stops, so that really doesn't amount to much. It ended up costing as much as you make at the place, per day. The surcharges on your 'rental' of your scanning device, plus your uniform fee, plus a number of other things you must pay for weekly... Not to mention the gas money, which comes out of your own pocket, and is not reinversed. So all in all you do not make much doing this job, and in the end it will cost you more on maintnance of your vehicle then you are making. A pizza delivery job would be much much better then this. So I never went through with that. Which is likely a good thing. I must say that my wife is pleased, as she thought it was a scam right off the bat. I have a major interview coming up with a major local company, so I hope that goes well. Otherwise I am still looking.

Team Fortress 2 update:

My Team Fortress 2 server is moving along nicely. As a clan, we are continuing back to the basics. Applications and interest had gone through the roof, and we were not really prepared for that. In order to retain the family feel of the clan, we have decided to revert to a invite only policy again. At the same time, we plan on making the server more entertaining and including more theme nights. I am still working on the bylaws for the clan... That is work in progress for me. The servers are running great, and I have nothing negative to report.

Social / Family Life:

I ended up going to Fort Erie to watch my sister skate over the weekend. It was fun, and surprisingly quite interesting. I basically grew up in an arena when I was younger, as her skating was a serious thing when she was younger. Her team did alright, and I am proud of her for sticking with her interests, even when it demands so much from her. I ended up also meeting my mother there, and it was very nice to see her. My grandmother is not doing very well, and my mothers side of the family have been taking turns being with her to keep her company.

New Project

I am working on a new project, - Yes I know it is a copy of hamsexy in a way, but my intentions are similar; To get the younger generation interested in rail fanning. I am currently looking for any input and assistance in running that website. I want it to be a community project. It is indeed a wiki, as well as a photo gallery. Please check it out and offer some feedback, if your interested in trains at all.

Dawn of Discovery / ANNO 1404: Venice

I have pre-ordered ANNO 1404: Venice (Dawn of Discovery: Venice), and hope to write a detailed article about it to enforce my other articles regarding the game. Venice edition is an expansion which will offer multiplayer capability and co-op modes. As well as a new playstyle, and many new objects, and missions. I am looking forward to it. I do plan to write a single page which will link all my ANNO 1404 articles together.

Scajaquada Rails

Scajaquada Rails

Scajaquada Rails is a new Trainz 2009 route I am working on. The work is going quickly, and I should have the basic scenery done on the first phase of this route within the week. You can read more about this route here: All in all, that is about all that is about all that is really going on. Fun stuff I know :P

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