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Beware of Fraudulent Paperwork

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I write this as I recently received a delivery from UPS. The delivery required a signature. It was from a large banking chain. I knew instantly what this was about. If you follow the blog, you may remember that I recently purchased a vehicle. Well, I am the title holder, but it is financed, so the contract states that I have 180 days in order to surrender the title to them in order for them to put a lien on it, and then I get the title back afterwards. At least that is what is supposed to happen.

The letter I got through UPS claimed I had 10 days to surrender the title to them, or else they will take actions and I would possibly have to pay the whole sum of the loan upfront. Not for a moment would I believe that. For one, it has only been 2 months. 60 days. Secondly, the letter is not signed. But it is this type of scare tactic which big banks freely use to scare their customers and bully them around.

Any letter delivered by anything other then the US Postal Service, one can assume to be fraudulent. The reasoning? It is forbidden by federal law to use the US Postal service to send fraudulent information. Big banks know this, and this is why they prefer to use the services of UPS or FedEx which are often more expensive for letters. Be suspicious of such letters. However often for legal documents which aren't fraudulent, the same banks will use the US Postal service.

I wish there was some legal way to get back at these big banks for this type of stuff, but there isn't. I suppose just dragging our feet and making them wait is the best we can do? Don't get me wrong, I have every intention to follow through with this. I just don't plan on being bullied by threatening letters.

This is exactly why there is a push to get rid of the USPS. Corporations, mainly banks, do not like the laws attached to the USPS, and look upon a privatized postal service with gleaming eyes. If that happened, there would be nothing protecting us from fraudulent mail. We must hold onto the USPS. Not only is it good for us... But its also in the constitution.

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