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Relax! Take a deep breath. Take off your mask, and prepare to read (and listen to) some factual information. This is not an April Fools Joke! First off, yes, we do know that people are dying from COVID-19. Just as people die from many other illnesses on a regular basis. Life goes on.

But so many people are scared, and in an absolute panic about COVID-19. Why? Well, it doesn't help that the media has been propagating this panic, and only reporting on a biased agenda to further the panic. Many reports, and interviews, and white-papers have been published which dispel the need to panic for most people. Just use some common sense hygiene practices and be aware of your surroundings. You will be fine! To that extent, please click on the following link to listen to Doctor David Price, talk to Fox News about how the virus is transmitted, and the steps you can take to avoid catching the virus, in a simple, calm, non terrifying manner. Listen Here.

Next, I want you to listen to Doctor Birx. Doctor Birx has an impressive career, and you can read about her here on Wikipedia. She surely has the knowledge and credentials to be an expert on this topic. She was interviewed by CBN, and the main scope of the interview got very little attention by the mainstream press, but it is very important for people to hear what she has to say. The models were wrong! (Listen here) Things aren't as bad as the models proclaimed they might be. Professor Neil Ferguson, the Professor who produced the models, agrees, saying they are flawed. Keep in mind this is the same Professor Ferguson who also produced flawed models which led to the hoof and mouth disease culling of 6 million cattle, in 2001, in the UK.

Further on what Doctor Birx has to say, She assures people that there is no need to worry (Listen here). There is no lack of hospital beds, and no lack of ventilators. There is ample space in hospitals. In fact, many medical professionals are being furloughed and laid off, because there is not a need for them right now. I personally know 2 medical professionals that got laid off, because there is no work for them now, in NY State.

Further to this, Stanford University researchers say there is no reason to panic (Listen here). Specifically quoted is Michael Levitt. The New York Post also published some positive news.

Now, I don't want to overwhelm you like the Mainstream Media does. But I can say from my own experience, that I am fairly sure I caught COVID-19 back in mid February. At the time, I researched the disease vectors available in white-papers, and it told me that as a White Male, in decent health, I likely had no reason to worry. So I didn't. I come to find out later that there are indeed 2 main strains of COVID-19 (possibly several mutated strains also). The S Strain, and the L Strain. The L strain is more lethal - but can only spread through direct contact and extremely poor hygiene (i.e. fecal matter). The L strain was prevalent in Wuhan and Italy, but not so much in America. The S strain (spreads like a normal cold) is what most people are getting, and it is weaker. The S strain also supposedly gives you immunity to the L Strain. So, why would you NOT want to catch the S strain?

So... I don't really think the fear mongering is warranted. Yes, if you have a history of illness, and your immune system is compromised, or if you are elderly, maybe you should be more concerned, and self isolate. But if you are young or middle-aged... Get the heck back out there! Yes, you should wash your hands. Yes you should try to stay clean. But don't be afraid to live, and don't be afraid of your fellow human beings and neighbors. Even go back to work if you can! In many places, this stay at home order is just voluntary. I have been working non stop all Month so far. A lot of overtime too. And I work in very public, dirty places sometimes - The Subways system. Am I taking any extra precautions? No gloves... No masks. I wash my hands often, and clean them with Isopropyl when I get back to my shop, as I ALWAYS have. I am feeling great.

The news is all political now. They are working for reactions and political pressure. Either way, It is all just a game to them. Yes there is a virus, yes it can be deadly, but right now the numbers don't add up, and it looks to be about as deadly as the flu, or perhaps even less.

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