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So it took me a while to get around to seeing Avatar. My wife and I happened to want to watch a movie at the theater this weekend. After reviewing the movies which were playing, I picked Avatar - as it seemed to be the most interesting and intellectual movie available. The reviews I have heard about the movie were always fairly negative. Granted I did not know too much about the movie, even after it having been out for several months. I had not read any teasers nor have I really studied it. Plus the fact that I do not have a TV and therefore I suppose I missed a lot of television commercials for the movie? None the less, for me the movie was very well done. The graphics were mind blowing. The plot line was pretty decent. I wouldn't say that the plotline was overly predictable at all times. There were many twists and turns I did not expect. The main character was an interesting choice. I am unsure if he is handicapped in real life, but it really looks like he is. I think that is amazing, not only to include a handicapped person as a main character, but also to hire a handicapped actor. I think the military aspect of the movie was very overdone, and almost GI Joe-ish. You would think in a hundred and fifty years from now we would of learn't better ways to fight then using conventional ammunition... I am not going to describe the plot line here, as I really do not want to classify it under another film. It does have a unique plot line, which is similar to a few other films, but unique enough to define itself. When I went into the movie theater, I thought for sure the movie was going to be bad, from everything people have said. I came out of the theater refreshingly impressed. Just goes to show you that you shouldn't take other peoples advice all of the time ;)

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