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Arma 3: BECTI Explained


Arma 3 is a computer game focused in the military simulation genre. It is easy to pass it off as just another shooter game, but it differs from the Call of Duty or Battlefield type games. Arma 3 focuses on realism. Yes, it may in fact take you 2 hours to prepare for a battle that only lasts ten minutes. Yes, you may get completely pinned down, and have to rely on other friendly groups to support you. Yes, you may get killed by friendly fire. These things happen in war.

BECTI is a semi popular game mode / dynamic mission for Arma 3, which has actually been around since the original Operation Flashpoint days. It has come a long way since the original CTI game mode was scripted. The goal is to capture the whole island, or playable area, by securing towns and cleansing them of the enemy presence. The enemy consists of, initially Independent forces (local forces). There are also two factions you can play, BLUFOR (NATO) or OPFOR (CSAT). In Arma 3, NATO is a futuristic Americanized fighting force, using a lot of newer technology, mixed between American, Isreali and other European technology. CSAT is the fictional, futuristic opposing force, which is supposed to be an Iranian force, which has allied with China and Russia presumably. CSAT uses fairly high tech weaponry as well, however originating from Russian and Chinese technology and development.

Both CSAT and NATO are trying to capture the island, and secure it. Presumably to use as a forward base of operations. Initially, as I hinted at, both player controlled forces begin at opposite sides of the island, and must clear the towns of Independent forces in a phase which is like a co-op PvE match. Eventually the battle phases into a CSAT vs NATO, PvP engagement in late game, where both player controlled teams fight for victory on the island.

How to play:

Upon loading into the version of BECTI which I run on my server, you will spawn in a fenced in area with a downed helicopter. There will be walls of text around you. These walls of text are meant to give new players basic information about this game mode, and the interface which is used. However this post is meant to dive into further topics that this basic tutorial does not cover, or glosses over.

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