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A really strange night...

Urban Exploration

The night started off while exploring a farm complex on Kirby road with some fellow explorers. We had parked the cars up the driveway and well out of sight, and had a lookout in one of the cars with a radio. We had basically seen all we could of seen inside the house (altho i wanted to try and get more pictures...) when the lookout came over the radio saying a car had driven by and slowed down after passing the open gate to the driveway (which we had opened). KRFC.jpg We quickly made our way out the way we had came in and noticed a car U-turning down the road (his headlights were lighting up the farmhouse, as he turned). We got into our vehicles and watched as the car drove by slowly... and continued on its way out of sight. We quickly exited the property and drove down the road a bit in the other direction. Then we U-turned about where the car had U-turned and we came to a stop on the shoulder of the road withing view of the driveway. We debated what to do. We had left the gate open and we were debating on going back and closing it or not... we chose not to, to see if someone was going to come back and close it. Then a suped up chevy car came down the street and passed us going the other direction, it U-turned and came by us again, and was almost going to pull over and stop infront of us, infact it almost came to a complete stop on the shoulder. It continued on to the driveway, and came to a dead stop directly infront of the driveway for atleast 10 seconds. It then continued on its way. We figured it might be a owner or someone who knew the owner... it was very suspicious so we followed the car for a bit. After a while it tried to loose us and it did eventually loose us. Really strange... We went back after and the gate was still open. After that we headed out to Caledon Radar Station... when we got there it took us 10 minutes to find a place to hide the vehicle - yet still keeping it accessible and having visibility to the road so our lookout could tell us when cars were coming. It took us another 10 minutes to get ready. Once we were ready we trekked across a field towards the tower. About halfway there we heard this thunderious sound coming from about 100 feet ahead of us. We looked carefully and in the moonlight we could see large animals running across the field. We chose to enter a different way, closer to the road. Upon getting to the main road we had a few technical issues to sort out regarding the fence, in the process of doing this we heard noises and froze... every now and then you would hear grass shuffle inside the fenced in area. I turned on my light and looked up to see about 20 pairs of eyes all lines up staring at us from about 100 feet away... needless to say it scared the shit out of us. I fired some warning shots from my air pistol towards the animals but they didn't really move much. We decided to leave and figure out another plan, we quickly walked away and radioed for the lookout to drive the vehicle to our location ASAP. We didn't know what those animals were. But we couldnt see them clearly as we didnt have a powerful enough light to light their bodies up from 100 feet away. Our lookout picked us up and we decided to drive up to the front gate and light the area up with the high beems to see what the creatures were... Indeed they were cows !!! We still wanted to get in, but didnt want to go in without the van for protection from the cows. I reloaded my air gun and fired more warning shots, most of the cows cleared the area but the bull stayed nearby. We tried the lock on the gate but it was not going to open for us... we left and did a few drivebys past the place before giving up and calling it a night. On the way home we were trying to pick a rout to avoide the police... for no real reason, we hadn't really done anything, but its always fun to try to avoid the police i guess... We had heard there was police activity going on on the road ahead of us, so we decided to turn off and find another way home. Heading through Caledon East we decided to go down Hwy 50. At Hwy 50 and king road we passed a taxi cab which we had seen earlier while we were getting ready to go into the Caledon Radar Station... following it were 2 vehicles, a SUV and a car. We turned left onto king road and just after we turned we heard a call for a guy driving erradically and with his high beems on, on hwy 50 north of king road, northbound... and the cab apparently called it into the police and was following the guy. this was strange because there were 2 cars behind the cab, and nothing infront of the cab at all when we passed... anyhow, the cop eventually caught up to the guy and read his liscense plate over the air and it was apersonalized plate which was "OMG WTF" oh man that was funny.. that really capped the night off. This night was one of the strangest nights I have had in a long time... that is forsure.. !! Roadwolf,

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