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Aquarium: Week 8


Time for a week 8 update!


Week 8 begins with the following readings:

Salt: Measured at 1.024 - added salt slowly into the flow, and now at 1.026
Temp: 78
KH: 9
Calcium: 500
Phosphates: 0
Nitrates: 0

Notes: I noticed the growth of coraline algae this past week. Small red/purple dots forming on my bare rock. However today I began noticing the yellow algae which was creeping across the sand, is now seeming to spread up to the rocks in a kind of 'powder' form. Not quite sure what to make of it.


This Sea Squirt seems to be growing quickly! I watched it divide and expand Saturday night into Sunday. The feather duster beside it is something new I noticed as well...

The Porites Evermanni SPS coral is doing well, and seemingly previously dead polyps are being reanimated. The new Mushroom Coral ... well I am not sure if that is how it is supposed to look.. but it is there. My Jingle Bell Coral and my Torch coral are both kinda blah looking. Not sure if maybe they aren't getting enough light, or perhaps too much light?


Injury: My Royal Gramma sustained an injury on Friday. It is suspected that my tiger pistol shrimp may have gotten him when he got a little too curious about the shimp's burrow. However, the Royal Gramma is healing well, and shows no signs of suffering from his injury. As active and lively as ever. Tough little guy.

Also of note: I purchased the equipment for a Quarantine Tank. Once I find a suitable spot for it, I shall be mounting it and getting it ready for any new arrivals or issues that may require it.

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