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Aquarium: Week 7 - More Control Automation Planning



Week 6 went by well, and Week 7 is upon us. I purchased more hermit crabs, and snails, and have also purchased a Coral Banded Shrimp, and a frag of Torch Coral. The crabs and snails have been doing a great job, but just can't handle the whole tank.


I need to move the torch coral to a better spot... It gets too much flow where it is at right now. The Coral Banded Shrimp is a very cool addition. He is so active, and fun to watch.


I plan on making some changes to the way I feed the tank. I am thinking of installing a 'feeding button' which will trigger 3 time delay relays. One of the relays will turn off the powerheads for 10 minutes. The other relay will turn off the main pump for 15 minutes. The other relay will turn off the Skimmer for 8 hours. The problem is, that such Single Shot relays are expensive, and difficult to find one that is set for 8 hours.

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