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Aquarium: Week 6


Last week I has purchased some new fish. Blue Back Chromis. I also purchased a Royal Gramma. So the aquarium is fairly lively now. The time I usually would spend writing updates on this blog, are spent starting into my fish tank, watching all the life.

This past weekend I purchased some snails, and hermit crabs. So I have a fair amount of cleanup crew now. I also have a brittle starfish, and found that I have 2, maybe 3 clams which I had thought were part of the live rock. I also have some peppermint shrimp around which I purchased for aptasia control.


I bought my first frag recently too... Jingle Bell Cyphastrea which is a cool red and green colored coral. I do need to get some more rock to stack higher in the tank, mostly so I have more room for corals, but for now things are doing well so far.

The Sponge I purchased online a while back has survived. The SPS coral has been growing and expanding nicely. The Star polyp soft coral, is slowly growing, but not as quickly as the rest. There is also another coral growth which I haven't quite figured out yet. At least I hope it is a coral. It is difficult to see without the UV lights on, but it is also not really easily captured in photos due to the UV filtering in most cameras.

This morning I did some plumbing on my drain.


I removed some excess tubing and created a more direct, downward flow, which I believe will help flow, and eliminate the gurgling noise. Compare the above photo, to the previous setup... and you will see why that is.


So far no deaths, and I think the next step will be for me to set up a Quarantine Tank for any new arrivals. I have enough invested in the aquarium now that I must begin to protect that.

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