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Aquarium Update: Life!


Recently, I purchased some live rock to continue the Aquarium project. This is the recommended progression of a new salt water aquarium. Live Sand > Live Rock > then... a Shrimp and Goby pair. The live rock contained some soft coral polyps, and some established brain corals. It also seemed to contain a sponge, and some plant life. I purchased about $250 worth of live rock, and plan on purchasing more in the near future.

After a couple days, I purchased a Shrimp and Goby pair. The pair found each other fairly quick once they entered the tank, and instantly began digging out a lair under a rock. Eventually, they found that burrow unsatisfactory, and moved to a new home. Of course, all of the shrimps digging made the water very cloudy. But it eventually cleared up again.


I have been feeding a small amount of frozen mysis shrimp. I also added some Chaeto algee in the refugium. I purchased a Kessil H80 lamp for the refugium, which should be better than the cheaper light I bought off of eBay.

It is becoming very very fun to look after, and care for... and watch. I check on the system many times a day.

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