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Aquarium: Tank Installed!



Woo! It is now beginning to look fancy. With about 4 coats of black enamel paint on the rear glass, and holes drilled in the floor to accommodate 2 reinforced nylon pipes (one for drain, and one for supply), the tank was able to be finally positioned in place.

The two hoses heading down to the basement were a change I decided to make yesterday. The Kryos Deep Blue chiller system I had purchased, needed space and airflow to function properly. You can see it in the photo above, at bottom right. Anyhow, I was thinking about that specific factor, and also the fact that when the chiller will be operating, it would mean that it would be hot enough in my office, to cause the water to rise above 80 degrees. The last thing I need is to add additional heat to my office, on such a hot day.

Painting the rear of the tank. Note: Masked off area where the overflow is.

Therefore, after considering my options, I decided to move the whole Sump down to the basement. This will give me room to build a nice filtration Sump, and also have the chiller, and perhaps a frag tank. The only thing needed up in my office is the lighting system, and an emergency pump shutoff which I plan on designing.

I plan on working on the electric circuitry in the meantime, while I wait for items to arrive to finish off the plumbing aspect. The biggest thing that I still need is a Sump and a Pump. I plan to purchase a small breeder tank, and make one myself. If all goes well, I should have water in the tank by the end of the month.

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