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Antistasi is a game mode for Arma 3 which has been developed by "barbolani". It is a game mode where the object of the game is to convert the whole island of Altis to your cause. What is your cause? Well, you are the leader of a rebel anti-establishment operation. The current government is oppressive, and an uprising needs to happen to bring stability. Initially you begin with only very basic gear. You don't have an army yet, you are a guerrilla or armed civilian. You need to use this to your advantage. You won't be driving around in tanks, but in mostly civilians vehicles. This is good in your case, because you can typically stay undercover, so long as you don't draw attention to yourself, you can move mostly among the population.

The game mode is very dynamic. Think of it like a rouge like, co-op game mode, of Capture The Island (CTI). The whole island is your battleground. But you can't play this game mode like most other co-op or CTI game modes on Arma 3. Why? Because your not a full army. Your tactic should be dirty, hit and run tactics. Early on, you must struggle to gather supplies and gain objectives. A squad of irregular forces, will likely not be able to defend themselves against attack helicopters, infantry, and APC's counter attacking against you, all at once. So you need to think strategically.

You have an HQ, with a commander, "Petros" whom is very important. If he dies, you loose. Game over. The HQ consists of "Petros", a flag, a campfire, a map, and two ammo boxes. Each one allows the games commander to preform different tasks. One thing I noticed right off the bat, was that the inventory system was behaving very strangely. This is because the main base inventory system, can be filled with items. The size of the inventory box is technically unlimited. However, when its technically beyond its default capacity, you can't manually place items into it anymore. But what you can do, is place items in a nearby vehicle, and then use the menu selection to add the cargo of the vehicle to the ammo box. This will work... But it will delete things that are already loaded into the arsenal. The ammo box has two ways of gearing yourself up. Arsenal is the preferred method, as the items received from an Arsenal loadout, are of unlimited supply. However, you can also get items from the inventory menu.

This gets a bit confusing, but think of it this way. You will unlock weapons or gear in the arsenal, if you add enough of that item in inventory. The amount of items which need to be added in the inventory before it registers in arsenal, is dynamic, and raises with each item that is added to the arsenal. It is often best for new players to watch this video to get an understanding of the game concepts:

Playing as the commander, is very fulfilling for myself. It gives me the option to play with the game mode that I love. High Command, and generally overseeing the logistics and flow of the game. Collecting resources is extremely important. You will find yourself looting dead bodies, filling up trucks, and driving back to the HQ to secure the supplies in your inventory.

The game will play out over a long time, perhaps weeks of played time per game. There are several objectives of note. Airports, Bases, Outposts, Radio Towers, Resources, Factories, and Power Plants. There are also Road Checkpoints, and Observation posts, as well as patrols and other AAF unit movements. Your main objective is to win over the hearts and minds of the population in each town. The towns will support you if you help them. But its not as easy as just taking over a town... It is much more complex than that. For example, if a town switches over to mostly supporting the FIA (You), AAF will kill the power to that town. So in order to make your supporters happy, and earn more tax money, you will need to capture the nearest Power Plant. Resources also earn money, as long as they are powered. And Factories improve the resource production of those resources, but they also need to be powered. Radio Towers are important because they allow the AAF to call for reinforcements. If you capture the Radio Towers, then the AAF will not be able to respond quite as well to counter attacks, or react to your hit and run attacks quite as easily. So this is very important!

Feel free to check it out on one of our servers on Arma 3! The Flying Circus. or

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