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A Mid Summer Update

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"Damn it is hot!" Good old Great Lakes region heat and humidity is a killer sometimes. Still I am making due without an air conditioner in my living room. It is still reasonably cool enough and has some air flow, that it is still kind of comfortable. But the heat is not what I wished to write about today.

Home ownership is going well so far. Projects around the house have slowed down quite a bit however due to the heat, and wanting to pay off some of our 'move in expense' bills. I have a small one bedroom apartment I am looking forward to renting out to the right person eventually, which will help with the expenses.

That also means however that luxury projects have stopped for the time being as well. The model railroad will likely be put on hold until September. Gives me more time to plan I guess. I have a radio project I am working on as well. 3 Radios actually. 2 of them, Motorolas, are not co-operating with me. The other I just need to get a couple base antennas up for it. All of which costs some money.

So what to do? Well I have been trying to get my Railfan crew together to go out more and take some train photos. And... wait for it!

I re-subscribed to World of Warcraft :-/ Yeah... shitty I know. But I am bored out of my mind. But, to improve my image a little bit, I am playing Starcraft II (poorly), Minecraft, Spore, and Sam & Max at the same time. I keep changing it up so that I do not get bored.

I must say that my former comments about WoW are very true. Sadly WoW has lost that personal feeling. No longer must you socialize to play the game well. That I miss dearly. I miss having to sweet talk people to grouping with me to finish a quest. I miss making friends on the realm (server) by randomly grouping with them in a dungeon, only to find out that everyone works together well - and then making a new friend for dungeons in the future (or perhaps a new guild invite). No, that is all gone. Sad.

Or is it? Well, I am a lazy cocksucker, I must admit! So yeah it is nice to be able to quest uninterrupted by needing more people to help, etc etc. And it is nice to bash out Dungeons via cross-realm grouping, and not having to suck up to people to join a group. But it does have its serious drawbacks aside from lacking social interaction and making it harder to form a guild. One major drawback is that during a cross-realm dungeon run, a player generally is not bound by his reputation on his server. He can be a drop stealing ninja all he wants, or be a complete tool, and usually no one on his server will ever be the wiser. Sadly more then a few people abuse that aspect of the system.

I have tried to contact a few old friends on WoW, but they either do not play anymore, or they do not remember me / care about me. Which I suppose is fine. But I do have a burning need for social contact, so it would be nice to talk to old friends.

On that note, yeah... Working night shift sucks for the social life. Have made several attempts to find local friends. I miss my friends from a few years ago, and wish that we didn't all move away from each other. Jeff, Justin, Mike, Alex, Tavis, Kelly... the list goes on, some of my best friends with my fondest memories. Sadly now, I think I am past that age where making friends is easy. I talk to many people online, but few I think really connect with me. In fact yesterday I emailed someone I had been exchanging emails with to ask how their doing, and they replied something along the lines of "how am I doing? you emailed me to ask that? don't waste my time."

In addition to that, I am married now. Sure it is a semi-open marriage. But I am no slut! (I may be an excessive flirt, but no slut) So when it comes to meeting females, I am a bit more cautious.

I look forward to the Fall. I have a week vacation coming up, and hoping to get out into the wilderness in some form. Maybe down south, into coal country to watch trains in their natural environment. Maybe out camping, or maybe up north to a cottage. Either way, I wish I had someone who could come with us to share the experience.

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