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"Sable" is my significant other. Sable is her online name, and the name I am used to calling her over the past 5 years of knowing her. While things are sometimes rough, with both Sable and myself being stubborn and each of us having out own insecurities and unmet needs, for the most part we get along great. So great, in fact, that sometimes it seems like our minds are connected.

Sable and I have a small collection of 'Sable Speak' or moments, and inside jokes that have happened which remind of us some amazing laughs we have had together. Most recently, we were watching Below Deck, and Adrian, the Chef, was telling the guests what was on their plate, for dinner. He said something like "Steamed Truffle Broccoli, Apple Cider Risotto, and Turmeric Infused Shrimp, on a Puree'd Cabbage Smear" (may not be the actual quote, but it was along those lines).

Sable, who was sitting beside me, busted up laughing, and I laughed too. She said "What the heck are the shrimp doing that they are so confused?" And she had thought she heard the Chef say Two Confused Shrimp. I was also laughing, but I said Turmeric! a few times, trying to suggest to her that was what he said, but she didn't get it, and thought I was just randomly saying Turmeric, which made her laugh more. And I was laughing too, because I thought she understood what was really said, but that she was just laughing at this vision she had, of two confused shrimp on a plate, asking each other what was going on and why they were on a plate. But I really didn't understand why she thought they were confused... I hadn't gotten the whole reference to why the Turmeric Infused shrimp, were Confused... I just thought that she thought that the shrimp were confused because they were covered in Turmeric.

A few minutes go by, and we both looked at each other... And I said OH! Two Confused Shrimp... finally getting that she miss-heard the words Turmeric Infused, for Two Confused. And at the exact same time she had the same epiphany, saying OH! Turmeric! Infused! Which inspired more laughter for minutes on end.

An hour or so goes by, and we are still chuckling, and I got up to get some leftover Pasta Salad from the kitchen. Sable was also grabbing something, and was also in the kitchen. As I was uncovering the pasta bowl, Sable looks at me, and I look at her, and she begins to say Pousta! loudly, but her knee gives out, as it sometimes does, halfway thru the word, so it was a very loud and surprised POW-Sta! Which made us crack up more.

Ah fun times. :)

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