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A Look Back: First Visit to Cranberry Lake

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Ever since I moved to the United States, I had struggled to find a good camping location akin to the camping spots I had known in Algonquin. In 2019 I had found just such a location. After reserving a site, Sable and I got excited for this pending trip. At last after several weeks of planning, we ventured 6 and a half hours to Cranberry Lake, NY in the Adirondaks. I could tell upon approaching the park that the terrain was becoming very similar to the Canadian Shield that I remembered from Algonquin.

I went right at the end of the season, so most of the tourist spots were closed for the year. But it was such a great and peaceful time.

Here are some photos from that trip.




I didn't end up taking too many photos, as I was enjoying the moment most of the time.

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