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A chapter of my life has just ended. Sable has headed back to Texas. I am now, for the first time ever, fully alone, and independent. And I am feeling okay about it. Yesterday I began going thru the kitchen, figuring out my meal plan for the next few days. I did some cleaning, and it felt great.

It was a little daunting at first, looking in a storage area which someone else organized, knowing I need to go thru it and figure out what everything is and re-store it so I know I can find it later. That I figure is going to be one of the biggest tasks in the coming weeks. But in the end, I am happy to be moving on to the next chapter.

Sure, I loved Sable with a large portion of my heart. But for whatever reason, she didn't seem to want to pull her weight in the relationship. Sure she was great around the house, and as a friend. But there were other long term concerns which prevented the relationship from moving beyond the point it was at.

I understand that few relationships are completely balanced. In many cases there is always a little more give or take on one side. But I am hoping I can take my time and find someone who fits my personality well.

But I can swear I can still hear Bonnie's (Sable's dog) collar sometimes around the house still. Maybe I should get a dog!

Anyhow, time to move on and begin a new chapter :)

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