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A few less undesirables

In Buffalo this past Monday, 4 teens were killed in a single vehicle rollover car crash. The news story can be found here.

The teens, all between the ages of 14 and 19 were riding in a stolen KIA apparently stolen by one of the teens after being stolen, apparently inspired by the Tik-Tok steal a KIA challenge. But one thing I did hear from an insider was that teens were being offered $6000 for each car they steal. These car thieves make better money than I do, I am sure.

It is kind of sad that the driver of the stolen vehicle didn't perish. Sadly he got the least of the injuries. Three teenagers died on scene and the 4th at ECMC. One more teenager is in critical condition.

They had been traveling at high speed down a Buffalo, NY highway when they failed to navigate a sharp turn. I do hope that the driver get charged as an adult with 4 manslaughter cases on top of grand larceny.

But my overall thought was "good. 4 troublemakers are no longer with us. One is severely injured and the other will ideally be in jail for a while."

Now I am sure their family will all say "but he was an angel, he didn't deserve that! He would never get up to no good." But he was up to no good. So now he is dead. Fuck Around and Find Out is the saying right?

I can only imagine that these kids were some of the same kids I tend to see on a daily basis, skipping class, smoking pot and destroying public property. It happens every day, all around the high schools in Buffalo. And the police have no power to stop it. Here in NY, these youth have so many legal protections, that there is very little that can be done to deter them from breaking the law. And the kids know this. And this is why there is such an influx of crime here, and all across the nation. But I suppose these days it is racist to even suggest that this is a problem or needs to be addressed.

Heck, I say that, if kids aren't respectful and think destroying property, stealing, assaulting, or doing drugs is not a big deal, then perhaps they need to learn what a stiff yardstick feels like across their ass - and be forced to endure it.

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