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So far the past 9 months have given me so many great memories and lots of smiles. Adventures with Terri have always been fulfilling, memorable, and special.

I find we both have similar mindsets. We cuddle well, and we also have the same drive to get stuff done, and adventure. She, like me, is not a social media addict. Nor does she like TV. She doesn't have her phone out all the time. She is in fact a person who enjoys living life. If we are spending time together, usually by the time we have to say goodbye, our cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

I want to be with her all the time! So many ideas and projects, and adventures I want to experience with her by my side. And I do know she wants to be there to experience them too. Being away from her is so very lonely. I do get sad when I haven't heard from her in a while.

Starting in June of last year we began meeting up regularly. I would typically drive to the Ohio / PA border and meet her there on a day when she was supposed to be working. We would spend several hours adventuring. If it was a rainy day, I would book a hotel room, and we would spend it in there watching movies, and cuddling, and playing. All in all, we have spent a lot of time together over the past 9 months.

Some adventures we've been on include touring the covered bridges of Ashtabula County, Ohio. A wild adventure into Amish Country to look for Grape Pie, which ended up being a wild ride!


Visiting the Lake Erie shoreline at Raccoon Park, The Rock, and Erie Bluffs State Park in PA. Renting a pontoon boat in Pymatuning Reservoir, and beaching it on a deserted beach to have a picnic and swim with sand between our toes!



We've gone shooting in the woods at targets! I showed her how to fire my AK47 of all things even! We've visited Lighthouses, and even watched Trains together.


We've visited Lake Ontario, and Niagara Falls. We went to a NHL Hockey Game, where the Sabre's won! We visited a bridge in NY that one of her co-workers is helping to design parts for.


Terri however is currently living in Ohio with her kids. She has always been the best mother and the primary parent. She has almost single handedly raised 3 great kids who are the best behaved and cutest kids I have seen. And surely that comes from Terri's love of life, and her attention and care. From her actually being a parent, and not relying on the TV or video games to help raise her kids. She is a super hero in my eyes for what she has accomplished.

I do hope she can move here. We will make for a super happy couple, and a great home with a loving, positive, and supportive environment.

But how did we meet? Terri and I originally met on World of Warcraft way back in 2004. She was unmarried, without kids at the time. She hadn't even met her husband yet, I don't believe. We grew close, but she got spooked when I mentioned that a female was moving in with me because her house had flooded (it was an odd time in my life, and I often tried to help anyone). For many years we lost contact. Only back in 2013 did we re-gain communications. I learned of her marriage. She learned of mine. Neither of us were happy in our situation. But we stuck it out and went our own ways for a bit longer, maybe trying to make our situations work. They didn't.

We still game together tho! Even tho we like to adventure in the real world. We do enjoy playing video games socially with each other. We often play Valheim, Arma 3, and still sometimes even World of Warcraft.

Terri took my collar back in the summer of 2021. She knew the significance of it. And she still wears it proudly to this day. She is my love. My submissive. My everything. And when she isn't here with me, a part of me feels lost and without direction or order.

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