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Adirondack vs Algonquin

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I recently enjoyed a trip to Cranberry Lake, in the Adirondack's for 2 nights. After doing a lot of research, over several years, I was looking for a NY state campground which was similar to the experience I had when camping in Algonquin park. Specifically Canisbay Lake. I found it!

The journey to Cranberry Lake from Buffalo is about 4.5 hours, which is a good hour or so longer than the trip from Toronto to Canisbay Lake. But upon entering the Adirondack region on Hwy 3, the geography was stunningly similar to the journey along Hwy 60 into Algonquin.

The campsite was very similar too. Nestled along the North shore of Cranberry Lake, the terrain was along the side of Bear Mountain. The trees were mostly Balsam Fir, Birch, Spruce, Hemlock and Maple. Very similar to the trees in the mixed forest of Algonquin. And they make for very private and secluded campsites, as the undergrowth tends to build up around the sites.

I have grown to love the Adirondak region.

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