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A Cat and Wolf Encounter

Roleplay and Fantasy

The grass wet, reflecting the moon light as a wolf prowls around the forest meadow. Looking up at the new moon, the wolf pauses. The damp still smell of night, hanging like a blanket over the valley.

The wolf hears some rustling behind him, turning he lowers his stance, ducking behind some tall grass. As he watches a large cat appears in the shadows. The wolf watches the cat as she stalks around the edge of the meadow.

Catching his scent, she looks around, pausing. The wolf knows she smells him, and stays still, hidden unless he moves. The cat lowers her stance too, backing up slowly, expecting something to happen...

The wolf sees that the cat is scared, and holds his ground. His location still undetected, he waits to see what the cat does next. Limiting his breathing to minimal breaths.

The cat, sensing nothing but what she can smell, decides maybe the wolf is gone, and the scent hangs in the air. She continues, slowly, still very alert, across the meadow.

Stepping lightly on the cold wet grass, she makes little noise as she prowls through the long grass. Rounding an old tree stump, its bark rotted through long ago, she brushes against a few blades of grass which shake and drop dew on her back. She turns to look, distracted.

The wolf sees his moment, and charges from behind a clump of grass, near the tree stump. Pouncing just as she turns to react, he lands on her shoulder, and knocks her sideways.

The cat lunges up at him, as he narrowly avoids her jaw chomping down on his neck. Realizing she is not pinned, the cat rolls and kicks with her legs.

The wolf growls but knows he has lost the upper hand. Backing off from the kicking cat, he circles her, growling, his teeth clearly visible on this dark night.

The cat quickly jumps to her feet, hissing at the wolf. The two circle, stomping over grass, and weeds, getting covered in dew as they brush their sides against the surrounding greenery.

The cat lunges forward, her quick reflexes allowing her to fake out the wolf, as he tries to react. Pouncing on him, she flips him backwards over his own tail, as he lands on his back, with her grinning down at him.

She bites his neck, but the wolf is surprised that it isn't as hard as he expected. wide eyed, he looks at the cat who appears to be murring softly as she bites his neck.

The wolf growls and struggles to bite her neck as well. She murrs louder...

The cats fur rubs against the wolf, as she bears down on him. the odd position excited the wolf as he still tries to comprehend what is going on. pressing her hind into his torso, her tail brushes against his as she slides her body backwards, against his growing member.

She growls harder and pushes her weight into him as he squirms. Sliding her wet pussy over his hard member, sliding it along the outside, feeling it against her clit.

The wolf, helpless at this point, gives up as the cat slides herself against him, pushing her hind into him so that he slides easily into her vagina. Feeling it poke in, she pushes, feeling it penetrate deeply, and she moans loosing her grip on the wolf as his member slides in.

Thrusting her hips back and forth, she begins to fuck the wolf, feeling him get harder inside her, and feeling him surge deeper inside her. The wolf, panting, moans softly, but is so confused that he doesn't really have any control of anything. Drooling as the cat rides him, he just looks lazily up at the cat.

The cat pushes herself against him hard, several times, purring loudly, she begins to arch her back, getting close. The wolf can tell too, as her pussy begins to tighten around him. Her wetness is trickling out of her as she fucks him, running down his balls and dripping to the ground.

Arching her back more, she roars slightly, as her body shakes, and her pussy tightens. The sudden pressure on the wolfs member causes him to orgasm, shooting his juices into her, as she orgasms.

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