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2023 Labor Day Adventure


The 2023 Labor Day weekend started off kind of crappy. Saturday I discovered that my sewage lines were backing up in my basement. I attempted to snake them and got covered in poop, but was unable to get it un clogged. I called a good plumber I know, but he was swampped with work. Luckily the apartment's bathroom was draining downstream from the blockage, so we were able to use that shower and toilet. On Sunday I was able to get the drains unclogged after purchasing a 90 degree elbow for an electrical conduit, which I was able to slide into the pipe and used it to help guide the snake down the correct path. It isn't much fun playing in shit, so that was kind of a bummer for the day. But I only spent $9 on the elbow which is what ended up unclogging the drain. So I was able to fix the issue and save money.

I also traded in my old phone this weekend, and got myself a OnePlus Nord N300 for 'free'. It is a surprisingly good phone for the money. The camera is a huge upgrade from my old HTC U11, and the audio is great. I also do like the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature and how it actually gives you live stats on how much data you are using. The phone also uses Oxygen OS which is a little different from a standard Android build, and allows you to use apps in windowed modes. Kind of neat. The main thing is that now I have a functional phone. The HTC U11 was getting old and unreliable when it came to using the phone aspect of it.

On Monday we were determined to have a good time. I found out that the Geneseo National Warplane Museum was having a $10 Breakfast event, where you just paid $10 for breakfast and got free admission to the museum too! So why not. My little wolf pup got to experience his first time inside a few planes, including a Russian AN-2, and a C-130 Hercules. I tried to convince my mate to go for a ride, but by the time she was ready to consider it, they had stopped offering rides.

This Russian AN-2 was very large. Was cool to see one in person.

Little Matthew's first time in a plane. I believe this was an old Cessna 120? He looks concerned.
Terri's first time in a plane! This is inside the AN-2. The incline was quite high, as this is a biplane with a small tail wheel. So the whole front end of the plane is quite a bit higher than the rear.
He was a little more interested in the C-130. I sat him down and he reached for and grabbed the control yolk and sat in amazement at all the gauges before him. Very cute.
We were all very impressed with the C-130. Was neat to be inside a military cargo plane, the type of which is still in use to this day. I was showing Terri the cables they use for parajumping. She was very amazed by that.

I was hoping that we could snag a ride up on Whiskey 7, but we were a little too late for that. Maybe next time! But we then ventured off to Letchworth Park since it was nearby. It was hot but figured that we needed a good hike.

Trail 15 it was! A random choice. I wanted a trail that we hadn't been on before and a less traveled trail.
Terri is so happy and content. It is always nice to see that.
We saw the usual critters... Snakes, Chipmunks...
... Toads... But also saw a forest mouse, and a few very cool Millipedes.
The trail was lovely, and slightly steep. Was good practice for climbing and building more stamina for those hilly hikes. We figure we did about 400 to 500 feet down and up.
Letchworth Park is amazing...
A very fun place to explore.

After the hike we visited the Lower Falls Resturant to refuel and refresh ourselves. Then the journey home began. All in all a fun adventure.

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