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2011 Vancouver Riots

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I am deeply saddened to see the riots in Vancouver after the game 7 loss by the Vancouver Canucks to the Boston Bruins on June 15th 2011. Though I have my suspicions that only about 20 to 30 people were actively responsible for a majority of the destruction, I also do think that some of the blame lies with the 'innocent bystanders'.

Sure the Black Bloc is likely responsible for much of the chaos. This looks very similar to their work in Toronto during the G20 riots (notice they were never caught there either).

But when I watch videos like this, it is apparent to me that people witnessed destruction happening, and did not like what they were seeing. But did you see anyone jumping in to try to stop it? I think a true Canadian would of jumped in to help that woman when her car was being smashed. I know from watching that video that I have a burning desire to knock that little punk out and drag him to the other burning car, where I would toss him onto the fire, hopefully while he was passed out.

But really, I think that it is only required that the perps be given a serious enough injury so that you could easily identify them and they would have to seek medical attention. At least that way they could be easily caught. i.e. maybe take some glass and slash their face open.

I am ashamed people. I really am!

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